Customer Comments

  • A happy cooperation with OFweek. Timely project docking and on-time completion as promised. Hope we can continue cooperating next year.
  • OFweek has always been committed to delivering technological information, and we could see that the interaction between conferees and guest speakers was very often, so I believe OFweek is an excellent platform for academic and technical exchange. The seminar is comprehensive, covering from laser materials to laser technique, application, intelligent manufacturing and future trends. At the same time ,no matter inside or outside the exhibition, OFweek staffs has done a great job in the early-stage preparation and site service.
    —Shenzhen JPT Opto-Electronics
  • China Advanced Laser Technology Application Summit and OFweek Annual Award has become one of best event in laser industry, and OFweek’s profession and keen sense of market have left me a great impression. I believe OFweek will continue it’s great job in following up laser hot news, keep improving it’s summits, and eventually achieve greater success.
    ——SH Connet Fiber Optics
  • Together with OFweek Laser, we can create the laser processing era in China! The laser meeting was held successfully with good popularity.
    ——Han's Laser
  • OFweek Laser is a professional laser information website, providing various and wonderful contents. We have been in cooperation for many years, and thus we have effectively improve our publicity. I believe OFweek Laser will be greater and more and more influential.
    ——Lead Laser
  • In laser industry, OFweek is a professional,objective and responsible media. This time China Laser Summit and OFweek Laser Award was held professional and thoughtful. That’s what China laser industry needs, and I hope media and company will strengthen cooperation, boosting China’s laser together.
    ——Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies
  • is the industry's authoritative media platform, and provides sincere service for customer. This is the reason why we choose to cooperate with OFweek. I believe this platform will be better and better, our cooperation will continue for a longer time.
  • We and OFweek have been working together for a long time. And many thanks to OFweek for its strong support and collaboration to Fujikura China.
    ——,Fujikura (China)
  • OFweek covers a wide range of industries information, and in laser industry OFweek also provides representative companies newest information. OFweek is indeed a professional portal.
    OFweek performs well for its online and offline seminars. It can pinpoint our customer base and achieve effective interaction to achieve desired effect. It is really a partner worthy of long-term cooperation.
    —— Osram
  • OFweek is the best in the industry, with the best services!
    ——Shenzhen Kinglight Optoelectronics
  • With a professional technical and service team, OFweek staff can take the initiative to contact us and offer specific optimized solution based on user's reading habits, and can also accept our recommendations and make adjustment according to certain services. We’ve had a successful and pleasant cooperation.
    ——Ocean Optics
  • OFweek is China's high-tech industry portal, which digs deep into the industry, lights up the future and brings us professional, comprehensive and colorful information.
  • OFweek has professional services and industry influence. We are working together for the bright win-win future.
    —— EXFO
  • Clear flow, high compatibility, earnest attitude, various promotion methods and great strength contribute to establishing a virtuous cycle for the corporate image. They have good control of the timeline, always invite guests that suit the target customers and deliver positive follow-ups.
    —— Serial System Ltd
  • Thanks to OFweek’s professional service and thoughtful arrangement, we have a wonderful exhibition. With numerous visitors, especially experts in related industries, exhibitor’s production introduction and brand promotion has achieved a results. We really appreciate what OFweek has done, for without them, we cannot achieve such success.
    ——Tunicorn Technology
  • The support and enthusiasm from OFweek are amazing. During the exhibition, OFweek gave us a lot of support,and here we would like to thank you for all this. Looking forward to the next cooperation.
    ——Shanghai Baoye Group
  • Thanks for the exhibition held by OFweek.Via this exhibition, We have promoted our products, communicated with many potential clients, and get them known our quality.
    We will continue our customer-based service, striving to make the industry better. And I believe the AI Exhibition will become greater and greater.
    ——Shenzhen Augmented Reality Appliance Association
  • WAIE was amazing, with so many exhibitors, and professional visitors.
  • OFweek Smart Home is the most honest media, reporting news in the most timely manner, and offering the best customer service.
    ——Wulian Group
  • OFweek Robot is one of the few media with technical soul in robot industry, focusing on industry trends and company’s development. Its flexibility and profession will have OFweek played an important part in promoting the robot industry.
    ——Topstar Ltd
  • OFweek has high organizational skills and coordination ability, with many exciting activities organized. We’ve got a very effective communication, and we look forward to further cooperation again.
    ——Wu Wei, Deputy General Manager, Estun Robotics
  • I have a very deep impression for the cooperation with OFweek, for its profession and capability of organizing activities, as well as its services. It can grasp the current focuses and share many information resources within the industry to better help the upstream and downstream enterprises. OFweek is a trustworthy partner!
    ——Shenzhen ADTECH
  • As a vertical media, no matter in terms of contents or activities, OFweek has always been meticulous. We can feel their responsibility and attitude after years of cooperation. We really appreciate and recognize OFweek’s staffs.
  • With so many big names and experts gathered in the conference, speakers have shared lots of valuable information. The conference offered us a great opportunity to study and exchange idea, so we wish that the conference will become greater and greater.
  • From early communication with OFweek, to on-site organization, we are very satisfactory. The exhibition was great.
  • The staff worked with us was very enthusiastic and patient.OFweek has shown us profession, as it always gave active response to our needs.
  • Standing in the industry forefront, OFweek highlights hot spots and topics well, attracting numerous experts to be present.
  • OFweek has a high degree of control over its overall operation and planning, and it has a deep understanding about the development pattern of the internet, which is beneficial for enterprises advertising.
    ——TB Energy
  • Professional, focused, high-tech industry cluster, in-depth follow-up industry hotspots, cover comprehensive information of high-tech industries!
  • 1. High degree of position matching, candidates are basically in line with the requirements; 2. Talent pool with many reserve talents; 3. Provide satisfactory headhunting service responsibly and earnestly.
  • In the first cooperation to recruit candidates, we immediately recruited candidates. We have achieved unexpectedly satisfactory results. OFweek team capacity and service has left us a great impression.
    ——NKT Photonics